Open space contract quality audits and asset management condition inspections

The City of Whittlesea maintains 2,173 sites within its municipal boundaries where individual assets are located to be audited. All assets are inspected across the full range of park categories and measured for compliance with the relevant KPIs and outcomes detailed in the parks services contract, acting impartially and without bias.

In any given month a maximum of 100 randomly selected functional locations are allocated for quality audits. Xyst’s audit team also ensures all Council assets are audited over a 12-month period.

There are approximately 70 natural turf sportsgrounds at 58 functional locations, which are made up of varying sportsground types (soccer, cricket, AFL, softball, etc).

Schedule and Customer Request Audits will be randomly selected from any of the functional locations, resulting in over 1,000 quality audits per month.

Project Benefit

Xyst was engaged to conduct quality audits of opens spaces and asset condition inspections to provide live update of how the parks services contract operational maintenance teams are meeting Council’s agreed levels of service.
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