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While we have impressive experience and expertise, our driving force is our passion for quality parks, public open spaces and community facilities. We know the health and wellbeing of a community is reflected in its outdoor spaces; the places where people go to play and for fresh air and exercise. These spaces ultimately enhance the ‘existence’ of a community.

To create spaces people love to visit, we help local government workers to deliver innovative solutions for their communities, consulting every community stakeholder in each project to ensure it meets their specific needs. Xyst also has a reputation for getting projects done, with practical, feasible and achievable solutions providing value-for-money outcomes.

The word ‘xyst’ comes from Ancient Greek and referred to long porticos used by athletes for exercise. 

Later the Romans adopted the word, using it to refer to garden walks or terraces.

There has always been a relationship between exercise, good health and the outdoors, which is why we have embraced the word in our company name, acknowledging a tradition that dates back to ancient times.

Recent Projects

Mackenzie District Council
Xyst project managed the removal of crack willows blocking the outlet creek at Lake Alexandrina.
Mackenzie District Council
Xyst coordinated the replacement of a toilet block destroyed due to vandalism at Lake Ruataniwha.
Mackenzie District Council
Xyst coordinated the upgrade of the Strathconan Pools plant equipment to meet New Zealand water quality standards.
Mackenzie District Council
The procurement and project management of the new heating systems for the Twizel & Fairlie Pools.

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