Parks Service Unit Operational Review

Xyst worked closely with the unit to better understand the current state of their functions and services, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the current team resourced to deliver them.

Also we worked to better understand the outputs and outcomes which Council and the community require from Council’s parks, open spaces and public facilities, and whether there are any gaps or over-delivery in the management of the services and functions.

The review was expected to provide clear recommendations on future options for management of these functions and services at Council, and for the structure of a team to be resourced to deliver them.

Revised service standards were a key project outcome for the parks service unit.

Project Benefit

Project to understand the operational delivery model, functions of the teams and efficiency.
Client organisation
City of Greater Dandenong
Yardstick - Benchmarking
Service Delivery
Service Delivery Model comparison
Maintenance contract procurement
Quality Auditing and Monitoring
Business Improvement Planning
Contract specifications
Levels of service setting
Asset Management
Field data collection
Condition Assessment
Asset Management Plans 
As-built maintenance plans
Organizational Assessment