Public Toilets Strategy

The Mackenzie District Council engaged Xyst to conduct a comprehensive review of the provision of Public Toilets in the District and to formulate a strategy. As a District with substantial tourist volumes, high numbers of transiting visitors and a low-rate payer base, a well-thought-out approach was needed.

The strategy needed to factor in a range of variables including operational and capital costs, environmental impact, the condition and capacity of existing facilities, and the demands from both the public and tourists.

Xyst’s approach involved consideration of these variables and the performance assessment of existing facilities to guide and formulate a strategy. The resulting strategy has been influential in shaping a 10-year plan for the Council’s investment in its public toilet network, this has directly influenced capital and operational budgets as well as funding applications. The strategy has also ensured the Council is proactive in addressing the unique challenges posed by the District’s tourist demands.

Project Benefit

Developed the public toilet section of the Parks and Amenities Strategy
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