Sports Fields Lease Model Review

Xyst was contracted to complete this piece of work which included desktop analysis, stakeholder consultation and option analysis. For the purpose of this report, only green fields were considered which included sports such as: rugby, touch rugby, football, softball, athletics, lacrosse etc. Exclusions from this report included hard surfaces and specialised surfaces such as tennis courts, netball courts, lawn bowling greens, croquet lawns and hockey turfs.

Throughout the project, Council and Xyst, engaged with the lessees and other stakeholders, to assess the current model and explore the best lease model to achieve the agreed outcomes. This engagement with lessees was completed face-to-face in one on one meetings. Other user groups such as clubs, organisations and event organisers were engaged online through surveys.

Project Benefit

At the time of writing this report Waipā District Council owned seventeen sports parks that were leased, either in their entirety or on a sub-lease, to fifteen different sports clubs. The report and subsequent investigation sought to understand whether the current lease model was fit for purpose or if there were other options that would better serve the community and associated sports field user groups. The desired outcome of the investigation was a recommended way forward that would ensure a high-quality network of safe and accessible sport fields in Waipā, which enables and inspires residents to get active, support a strong event calendar, and contributes to placemaking and environmental outcomes. Council wanted to ensure that the recommended option would deliver a high-quality, future-proofed sports field network that would meet the needs of the Waipā community now and into the future.
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