Waitaki Emergency Response and Contingency Plan

Waitaki District Council contracted Xyst to develop an Emergency Response and Contingency Plan for its parks and open spaces activity. The plan provided a generic risk assessment and response for all parks and identified specific risks and prepared appropriate responses where these could be identified at individual parks. The plan included actions around trees where these pose a risk to public safety including the need and frequency of inspections or Quantified Tree Risk Assessments. The plan also specified business continuity actions required for individual sites.

The plan included risk assessments and action plans for:
Sudden tree failure
Sustained power outages
Sustained water/wastewater system failure
Critical asset failure, eg bridges, play equipment
Storm (flying debris, snow damage, etc)
Vegetation fire
Flooding/rain events
Foreshore Erosion
Land slippage
Hydro spillage

Project Benefit

The purpose of the ERC plan is to ensure that Waitaki District Council (WDC): • has an appropriate set of responses to emergency events and hazards that may occur on parks and public open spaces; • is able to continue to provide essential services during and after events; and • minimises the impact of events on parks and park users.
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