Whangarei Open Space review

The open space review included an inventory of all existing Open Space land within the Whangarei District and categorisation of the Open Space land using the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) category framework and an analysis of provision undertaken at the district and community (ward) level.

In addition to categorisation of reserve land, the WDC also required a review of open space in terms of district plan zones and confirmation through GIS mapping and LINZ data interrogation of the inventory of all open space land in the Whangarei District.

Xyst provided two cross-referenced reports on the current capacity and the various categories of Open Space land. The reports identified where excess or shortages appeared, and where Open Space is required within the various categories to support the current demand and also future population growth on a nodal/District basis. The reports also identified when and where investment in Open Space would be required over a 5, 10, 15 and 20 year period.

The reports provide recommendations, strategic directions and level of service outcomes that address immediate and longer-term community needs (ie over the next 10 years).

The key outputs produced were:

  • Comprehensive open space / parks and reserve land database
  • Report on open space provision across the district with analysis to identify future provision requirements.

Project Benefit

The review identified current open space provision, preferred provision levels of service for current and future open space and park provision, and acquisition and development requirements for additional park land to meet future community needs.
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