Lake Alexandrina Outlet Creek Willow Removals

The Mackenzie District Council received reports of high lake levels and flooding around the outlet creek at Lake Alexandrina, which was causing adverse impacts on wildlife and infrastructure. Xyst was brought in to address the issue, initiating a project to remove the crack willows that were blocking the outlet creek. Given the sensitive nature of […]

Strathconan Pool Plant Refurbishment

The Strathconan Pool was identified as non-compliant with New Zealand Pool Water Quality Standards (NZS 5826:2010), with a water turnover exceeding eight hours. The Mackenzie District Council deemed this unacceptable and decided to bring the Fairlie Pools plant up to compliance. Xyst project managed this work as a variation to the Pool Heating system upgrade […]

Lake Ruataniwha Northern Boat Ramp Toilet

A toilet block at Lake Ruataniwha was destroyed due to vandalism. Xyst was engaged by the Mackenzie District Council to coordinate the insurance claim for its replacement and to project manage this work. This project involved coordinating the demolition of the old facility, lodging resource and building consents, and obtaining permissions from the Department of […]

Pool Heating Procurement & Project Management

In 2021, the heating systems at both the Fairlie and Twizel Pools failed to meet the demands of longer summer pool seasons, placing additional strain on the aging systems. In response, the Mackenzie District Council engaged Xyst to procure a suitable heating system for the pools. Coombes Aquatics successfully secured this contract, with Xyst managing […]

Shortland Cemetery Tree Assessment and Maintenance Plan

Shortland Cemetery

Xyst undertook tree condition and risk assessments on almost 100 trees at Shortland Cemetery. The main driver for this work was an aging tree population and potential damage to surrounding historic assets (e.g. masonry and surrounds). For each tree we collected GPS location, tree species and size data, and we undertook a condition and risk […]

John William Hall (JWH) Arboretum Tree Assessment

John William Hall Arboretum

Xyst undertook tree condition and risk assessments of over 100 trees at the JWH Arboretum. For each tree we collected tree location, species and size, and we undertook a condition assessment and risk assessment – Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA). Assessment data and photos were provided. Data was provided in both spreadsheet (with linked photos) […]

Ūawa Reserve High Level Concept Plan Development

Uawa Skatepark Reserve

Xyst conducted a preliminary site visit to analyse the site and review consultation feedback prior to developing a high-level draft concept plan. This concept plan was reviewed by the community and finalised to produce a high-level concept plan.

Twizel Greenways Tree Planting Plan & Procurement

Twizel Greenways

Ad-hoc plantings through the Twizel Greenways led to issues such as shading of properties, damage to fence lines, and the spread of seedlings. In response, the Mackenzie District Council engaged Xyst to identify and implement a solution. Our team started by conducting GIS mapping of the existing trees to better understand the area. Additionally, the […]

Judd Crescent Reserve Planting Plan and Planting Procurement

Judd Crescent

Xyst worked with Hutt City Council to develop a planting plan for a recently upgraded reserve at Judd Crescent in Naenae. We chose a suitable native plant palette for the area and developed the landscape planting plan and planting specifications, as well as procuring the plants and planting contractor.

Gleeson Park Playground Maintenance Plan

Gleeson Park Playground

Xyst developed online templates to eliminate paper and allow maintenance checks to be undertaken via mobile phone. All information is now stored in one place, enabling users to tracks trends, send alerts and set actions and timeframes to repair equipment.

Short Report on Public Toilet Construction Cost Comparisons

Cory Park Toilet Thames Coromandel District Council

Xyst engaged with leading public convenience facility suppliers, requesting costings for similar three-pan facility builds, including inclusions and exclusions for both pending builds and finished projects from the previous two financial years, in order to inform the report.

Wilding Pine Removals

The Mackenzie District Council engaged Xyst to assist with the removal of 60 hectares of wilding conifers (Contorta and Corsican) in a block visible from the Twizel-Tekapo Highway. Xyst’s team worked closely with ECAN and the Council’s Planning Team to identify the appropriate control method. Xyst then contacted multiple contractors to identify rates and procure […]