Asset Fair Value Assessment

Xyst was engaged by the Western Bay of Plenty District Council to determine the replacement values for its Parks and Coastal Assets. This project involved contacting suppliers of Parks and Reserves assets to identify market trends. Further research and adjustments were made using data from previous valuations, current projects, the Business Price Index (BPI), and […]

Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier

Kevin brings a unique and extensive mix of skills and experience to his role as Principal Sport and Recreation Consultant at Xyst. His chosen ‘career-for-life’ in the sport, recreation and events industry includes significant roles in the rebuilding of Christchurch’s sport facility infrastructure as well as playing a part in securing and hosting major sports events […]

Shortland Cemetery Tree Assessment and Maintenance Plan

Shortland Cemetery

Xyst undertook tree condition and risk assessments on almost 100 trees at Shortland Cemetery. The main driver for this work was an aging tree population and potential damage to surrounding historic assets (e.g. masonry and surrounds). For each tree we collected GPS location, tree species and size data, and we undertook a condition and risk […]

John William Hall (JWH) Arboretum Tree Assessment

John William Hall Arboretum

Xyst undertook tree condition and risk assessments of over 100 trees at the JWH Arboretum. For each tree we collected tree location, species and size, and we undertook a condition assessment and risk assessment – Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA). Assessment data and photos were provided. Data was provided in both spreadsheet (with linked photos) […]

Marty McGregor

Marty McGregor

Marty has had a varied 20-year career in the Sport and Recreation industry.  He started working for Tasman Rugby in its formative years, managing and growing the community game before moving into Local Government with the Christchurch City Council in 2008.  Working as a Sports Liaison Advisor, Marty worked in the response, recovery, and delivery […]

Whangārei Aquatic Centre Asset Management Practices Review

Whangarei District Council

Xyst supported Smartz in its review of the pool that is run by Sport Northland (SN) and Community Leisure Management (CLM), by providing the asset management element of the project. The Review was commissioned by Whangarei District Council (WDC) with support from SN, and in liaison with CLM. The review was not a formal full-service […]

Risk Assessment Artificial Water Features in Reserves

Tauranga City Council

This report is intended as a follow up to our previous report; Artificial Water Features in Recreation Reserves dated 2 August 2023. The original report looked to investigate industry guidelines and/or best-practice standards and methods used for managing safe public access to artificial water features in recreation reserves. This report delves little deeper and looks […]

Wayfinding Signage Installations

Xyst was commissioned by the Mackenzie District Council to project manage the installation of new park, public space, and wayfinding signage throughout the Mackenzie District. As a starting point, our team conducted an inventory of all existing park signage and subsequently prioritised the refurbishment of areas with higher use. Throughout this project, our team collaborated […]

Ashburton District Tree Inventory

Xyst collected tree data on all of Ashburton District Council’s (ADC) street and park trees including GPS location, species, maturity, condition and potential risk features. We used a data collection tool developed by ADC that enabled us to upload tree data directly into the Council’s GIS system. Data collection took place over several visits timed […]

Parks & Facilities Asset Management Plan

Xyst reviewed and updated the Mackenzie District Council’s Parks Facilities & Public Places Asset Management Plan (AMP). This involved multiple thorough checks, incorporating new data gathered over the past three years. Importantly, the insights derived from the Council’s AMP played a pivotal role in shaping both the capital and operational budgets within the Council’s Long […]

Central Otago Parks and Recreation Activity Management Plan

Xyst undertook an update of the Parks and Recreation Activity Management for the 2024-34 LTP. This work including updating information relating to: land and asset data; population and growth projections; burial interments and swimming pool usage. Updated Yardstick analysis and performance metrics. Meet with client to review and updated operational and asset management practices and […]

Waipā Development Levels of Service

Waipa District Council

As a result of gap’s identified in the preparation of Waipa’s Asset Management Plans, Xyst was engaged to prepare a parks hierarchy detailed development levels of service.