Hawkes Bay Expressway Mapping

We drew upon a range of spatial information to develop the bespoke maps. These maps showed roading designations across the two Councils as well as neighbouring property boundary lines and other key spatial data. We then arranged the printing of two high resolution maps at 3m x 1.5m, including graffiti guard to install on the […]

Meadow Bank Reserve Development

Meadow Bank Reserve

Procurement for Stormwater and Recreational Improvements. Xyst worked with Hutt City park officers and stormwater engineers to procure a revised stormwater improvement design and subsequently, a construction contractor, to commence site works in June 2024. Xyst also developed a revised landscape concept plan for recreational improvements – including a new accessible track, providing greater access […]

Streets for People Concept Development Plan

Xyst worked with the project team, and engaged with key stakeholders in the development of a series of landscape concept plans for key sites within the project area that included painted street planters and planting, footpath and electrical box murals, and the inclusion of additional seating and rest areas that connect with adjacent green spaces […]

Parks Operational Review

Maribyrnong City Council

After consulting with Maribyrnong City Council’s management and operational staff, the Xyst team identified areas for improvement and operational excellence. Xyst conducted an audit of around 60 parks and open spaces to gather information on the current achievement of service levels. We also reviewed the existing asset information, financial budgets and carried out cost analysis […]

Playground Performance Assessment Summary Report

Toowoomba Regional Council

A total of 214 playground performance assessments were conducted in 2019 in the Toowoomba Regional Council. Data was captured utilising hand held mobile devices and uploaded to an online platform that collated the information for analysis. The assessments recorded and evaluated key attributes of each playground, including site description, site location, overall play values, ancillary […]

South East Queensland Water Playground Performance Assessment

Xyst staff undertook 17 playground assessments in 2019. Data was captured utilising hand held mobile devices and uploaded to an online platform that collated the information for analysis. The assessments recorded and evaluated the following key attributes of each playground: Site description Location Overall play values Ancillary facilities Asset information Judgements on individual play space […]

Parks Operations Business Improvement Review

Xyst staff initially carried out a desktop analysis of existing documents relating to service levels, service standards, budgets, customer feedback, asset management plans and strategic plans. A total of 22 parks were assessed by scoring of a range of criteria based on typical industry standards. The identification of current operational costs and asset provision to […]

Twizel Sports Field Concept Plans

Mackenzie District Council - Sports Field Concept Plan

The Mackenzie District Council engaged Xyst’s landscape architects and support staff to conduct a comprehensive analysis and scoping of two reserves for potential development with sports fields. Staff used standard field measurements and setbacks to help optimise the use of each site. Through this process, detailed concept plans were crafted verifying the suitability of each […]

Leamington Domain Masterplan

Waipā District Council - Leamington Domain Masterplan

Xyst worked in partnership with mana whenua to undertake site analysis with key staff and lessees, a two-stage public engagement process and community board and council engagement. This provided a greater understanding of the key design outcomes and priorities for development. It also strengthened Council’s relationships with mana whenua, lessees and the community and their […]

Sports Fields Lease Model Review

Waipa District Council

Xyst was contracted to complete this piece of work which included desktop analysis, stakeholder consultation and option analysis. For the purpose of this report, only green fields were considered which included sports such as: rugby, touch rugby, football, softball, athletics, lacrosse etc. Exclusions from this report included hard surfaces and specialised surfaces such as tennis […]

Pōmare Park – Detailed Design

Pomare Park, Hutt City Council

The work involved developing the concept plan prepared earlier in conjunction with the local Taitā community, the DHB and other stakeholders in to a detailed construction and tender set. Drawings included the development of a Site Context, General Arrangement, Set Out, Demolition, Earthworks, Level and Drainage, and Planting Plans. Xyst also prepared Planting Schedules and […]