Tina Zheng

Graduate Landscape Architect

As a landscape architect, I provide different types of plans according to the client’s requirements, the characteristics of the site, and make suggestions for future development. In social consultation, I use my graphic skills to help the public understand what kind of place they will have and the future development of the site. I also participate in other related designs, such as the signages of the wayfinding system.

I also assist our team with preparing various documents, presenting data in reports and the situation of the site in a more intuitive way. I work on transforming text into more readable and visual forms through typography and mapping, and assist clients in developing their own document style.

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My expertise

I completed a BA and MA in Landscape Architecture from Lincoln University, as well as a BA in Plant Protection from China Agricultural University. I also bring local nursery and reserve volunteer experience to my role at Xyst.


  • Master’s Degree of Landscape and Architecture. Lincoln University
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Landscape and Architecture, Lincoln University
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Agronomy in Plant Protection, China Agriculture University
  • Bachelor Degree of Management in Business Administration, China Agriculture University
  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment System – Registered User

Xyst in action

The Ohau Road Reserve is a large green space in a residential area. It lies partly along Ohau Road with a newly built walkway, and partly deep in the centre of the residential area. The local council intends to build a children’s playground and make rational use of the surrounding areas. Considering the safety of the playground, the accessibility and the use of the entire venue, I prepared two options, and selected one of them to be further modified at the request of the client. After the reserve is completed, it will become one of the main leisure and entertainment places for local residents, and at the same time, it will strengthen local wayfinding.


My Projects

Meadow Bank Reserve Development

Procurement for Stormwater and Recreational Improvements. Xyst worked with Hutt City park officers and stormwater engineers to procure a revised stormwater improvement design and subsequently,

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Fairlie Ashes Circle

The team at Xyst were engaged by the Mackenzie District Council to spearhead the development of the Fairlie Cemetery Ashes Circle. The project started with

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Signage Suite & Procurement

The Mackenzie District Council initiated a Brand Guide (2020) to establish consistency in the Council’s visual representation. Subsequently, Xyst conducted an audit of Council signs

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Public Toilet Strategy

Public toilets are important community facilities for residents and visitors to maintain a safe, healthy, clean and tidy city. This Strategy considers facility provision, distribution,

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Parks Cricket Specifications

Xyst Canada provided detailed specifications for cricket practice nets and a scope of work for cricket pitch maintenance and renewal activities. A high quality rendered

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Parks & Facilities Management

Xyst was brought on board after a thorough risk and performance evaluation of the Mackenzie District Council’s parks and community facilities operations. Xyst was then

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Play Strategy Review

Xyst worked with the client to transition them from a traditional Playground Strategy to a Play Strategy. The Strategy analysed the current state of Napier’s

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